Mobile Appointment Safety Policy

Our Safety Policy

Due to the personal nature of our business we have policies in place to protect our stylist. In Las Vegas, safety is a huge concern and for that reason if a client does not comply with the Terms of Our Safety Policy, Sew Pretty Hair reserves the right to refuse service.

All new clients must provide their Full, True and Legal name when booking an appointment.

As a security precaution all new clients must submit a Photo ID, or a form of  Self Identification deemed appropriate by Envious Extensions staff.

All new clients must submit a mobile request form, prior to receiving any mobile service.

Not all areas in Las Vegas are serviced. If a client is requesting an appointment at a location that is not serviced by Sew Pretty Hair, client may choose to schedule an In-Salon Appointment.

During an Appointment, our Stylist reserves the right to cancel an appointment and refuse service, to any client at any point during the service especially due to bizarre behavior. Bizarre behavior will not be tolerated, we will promptly cancel the appointment at that point and client will be unable to book with Envious Extension in the future.

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