As a little girl, I was fascinated with hair and its power to transform. I remember sitting crossed legged on my Mother’s front lawn, with my Kenya doll in my lap with a package of braiding hair, working diligently and carefully, to create a beautiful style for doll who was also my client at the time. I wanted with all my heart, for my doll to look and feel her best, and that same effort is given to each and every client who is serviced by Sew Pretty Hair.

Hair extensions have the power to change a persons looks dramatically, and sew in extensions do this while also providing a protective braided style for the natural hair while the weave is worn. The combination of braiding and the cutting edge beauty of extensions, provided me with the inspiration for Sew Pretty Hair, a professional beauty service specializing in sew-in weaves and braided hairstyles.

My expertise gives me the opportunity to transform women into stunning illustrations of my passion, art and skill while also empowering women to celebrate and embrace their beauty, both inside and out. With women leading more hectic lives and taking on more roles today, than ever before. I am committed to being respectful and accessible to all women. I will also listen and personalize my approach when dealing with each client individually.

-Ashley B., Sew Pretty Hair

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