Las Vegas’ hottest Fall beauty trends among locals

By Ashley Bivins

Las Vegas, Nevada is renowned as an international beauty hub and has been known for setting trends since it’s origins, back in the day when the rich and famous would sneak off and vacation in the Las Vegas sun draped in their day’s latest’s and most fashionable garb. The same notions are true to this very day, we are reporting the most popular and eye catching trends seen among stylish Las Vegas locals and tourist.

High Ponys

High Pony’s are all the rage, ladies of all ages and backgrounds are rocking their own unique take on a High Pony’s. This is a timeless look, that can be modernized by adorning your hairline with carefully sculpted baby hairs. This look can be worn as a pony alone or you can sport a trendy half up half down look. This look can be achieved with or without natural hair.


Lashes, in general are making a major comeback. It makes sense, especially since this little trend helps enhance a woman’s beauty dramatically. We are utterly obsessed with lashes! There are many options, from professional installation which can range from $100+ and requires regular touch ups, or you can choose to use strips which is self applied and can be purchased at your local beauty supply.

Fleeky Nails

Professional polished nails can enhance any look, especially with the new techniques that are awe inspiring. New techniques include metallic chrome nails, ombre sets, and clear nail sets to nail a few. These looks can be attained by going to a professional nail bar, or you can purchase pre-made nail kits from your local walmart and apply them with care at home.

Bold Color

Beautiful and Vivid Color is an awesome way to express yourself. From bold blondes and ombres, to fire engine reds or rose golds, expressing yourself though unexpected colors and tones are an awesome way to stand out and express yourself. Vivid colors can be achieved by sew-in weaves, custom units or natural hair. We would only recommend a professional application of any hair color on natural hair or premium extensions.

The best part of living in Las Vegas is the beauty and extraordinary that surrounds us daily. If you want to enhance your look in Las Vegas fashion this Fall we hope our trend report provides some inspiration as you tailor your own unique personal style.

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