How to Thrive in Las Vegas with Natural Hair

By:Ashley Bivins

A common concern for many new Las Vegas residents is how to maintain their natural hair in this noticeably harsh climate. Las Vegas, Nevada has a subtropical hot desert climate which can reek havoc on your hair if you’re not careful. Las Vegas weather ranges from extremely hot and humid summers to extremely chilly winters. Many people who choose to style their hair predominantly with heat styling tools may find themselves with severe breakage over time. Here are some important tips that will help you retain your length and maintain healthy hair in Las Vegas!

Moisturize It:

In order to survive this new desert climate your hair must stay hydrated at all times. Many of us come from more forgiving climates, where you can get away with being lax with your hair care maintenance, the same is not true for Vegas. Here, Dry hair equals breakage.

Its very important to stick to a daily regimen with a few trusty moisturizing products, be sure to include a water based hair moisturizer as well as a hair oil in your collection. Be honest with yourself and assess your hair daily. Ask yourself, is my hair dry? Be sure to touch and feel your hair. If your hair feels dry and brittle, you need to apply moisture. Your hair should always maintain some moisture at all times. Once you apply your moisturizer, be sure to seal your hair with hair oil.

Baby It:

Be gentle with your hair at all times. Its best to only allow people who are gentle with your natural hair maintain your precious hair. Being too rough with styling leads to hair loss and breakage, not to mention it hurts. When its time to take care of your hair, be sure to set time aside to just focus on yourself while you are pampering and taking care of yourself. Once you find the water-based hair moisturizer of your choice be sure to take the time to see that every strand gets the attention it needs. Be sure to take the time to massage your scalp at least 5 minutes a day. Not only does this feel surprisingly amazing, but it promotes blood flow which prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth!

Protect It:

The best way to grow your natural hair in this parched climate is utilizing protective styles like sew-in weaves and extensions as well as braids and customized units. Protective styles give their owners the freedom of choosing limitless new looks, while safely protecting their natural hair in cornrows.

Sew-In Weave and Extensions offer the wearer the versatility of using wefted hair of any length, texture and color. New innovations in Sew-In Weaves and Extensions include lace closures and frontals which are often seen on many popular celebrities. Hair quality has improved tremendously over the years with clients often having access to premium remy extensions which have been known to last their owners many installations, while still maintaining their premium attributes.

Custom units are another great option as a protective style, especially if you don’t care for stilling and waiting to have your sew in installed. A professional takes the measurements of your head and a customized unit is created based on your specifications. You can choose to just wear your unit like a wig and take it on and off daily, or you can choose to have your unit sewn on.

To Sum it Up:

Be sure to take care of your hair here in Las Vegas, it’s totally doable!!! Just remember to maintain the moisture in your hair! Remember: It should have some moisture at all times! Be sure to take extra care of your hair and baby it, please don’t be rough. And finally, consider a protective style if you really want to protect and grow your hair, while looking amazing! Sew In Weaves are the perfect protective style! You can change your entire look and reap the benefits of your protective style with inches of added health growth each install!

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