You get what you pay for (mini rant)…

Dearest Divas,

I’m calling this blog a mini rant because  it’s based on my opinion. We all have different values and beliefs so its possible that some of you may not share my particular point of view. And that’s fine. However I have an opinion that is based on years of experience in this particular field. And one thing that I have found almost 100% of the time is that, when it comes to goods and services often times if you pay very little you get lower quality goods and the more you pay the higher the quality. That’s common sense. But what throws people off are the people who do not charge what their services are actually worth. And if we bought just one horrible product that cost an arm and a leg, I understand how that would make anyone second guess most things that are new to them. But there are certain things that stylist seeking new clientele can do to help potential clients make a good choice.

For instance if you are researching a new stylist on line there are certain things I would do. Here’s a few:

Check out the stylist’s pictures!!! Are these pictures recent? Are they giving me multiple angles of the hair? Multiple angles helps you know how well the stylist install’s here extensions, can you see the braids. Look for watermarks! These days a lot of stylist steal pictures from sites like Instagram and Facebook to deceive potential clients on their skills. Check if the background in the pictures are consistent.  These are just a few examples. Experienced stylist always keep pictures of their work.

Check out their personality!!! It’s important to get a feel for your stylist’s personality in how they write their page or ad. Does your personality mesh well with how they present themselves.

Finally the price! I would worry if my potential stylist had an extremely low price and no pictures! That is just scary! But a low price and picture can be just as bad. Have you heard of them before? If some one has an extremely high price and no pictures or no pictures of their own work I would worry as well.

Divas remember there are predators out there who are looking for an easy way to get however much money they need. Ask questions!!! Times are tough and no one wants their hard earned money wasted on a bad weave. Well, luckily here at Envious Extensions we guarantee our work! For example if it was “too” anything we will redo it at no additional charge as long as we know in the first week! So you don’t have to stress here, you know!

Anyway thanks for reading ladies!

Talk to you soon,

Love Ash

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